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Sep 10, 2010 5:30pm EDT
for the media to help him arrange that meeting. >> we are here to announce mr. imam to call us. >> reporter: as strange a saga as this may be it's been powerful enough to set off waves of protests in middle eastern countrys. thousands pro fenceed in afghanistan. robert gates called jones to ask him to stand down. and president obama had strong words for the pastor. >> we've got an obligation to send a very clear message that this kind of behavior or threats of action put our young men and women in harm's way. >> reporter: muslim extremists have used his plans to rally their followers online. some calling for american muslims to kill the pastor. >> in a real strange twist of fate the person that's going to be most protected going forward is going to be the rev. and their congregation. >> reporter: his safety is such a concern hundreds of police officers have been called to duty to keep the peace at his parrish whether or not the burning actually takes place. even pastor jones estranged date is speaking out. jones told a german newspaper that he her father has gone mad and needs help. >>
Sep 17, 2010 5:30pm EDT
and then turned the gun on himself. we now know that paul par 'tis used a very small handgun which was easily concealed. johns hopkins released a statement referring to the possible use of metal detectors calling them unreasonable for a hospital their size. dr. david cohen is in fair condition at hopkins. >>> baltimore state's attorney patricia jessamy has conceded ending a 15 year record. she defended her record but says she is moving forward and not looking back. challenger gregg bernstein is expected to win the election in the heavily democratic city. >>> a late summer storm threw new york city for a loop last night and tonight they are still wondering what hit them. it happened at rush hour when the skies went black. the heavens opened up and the winds began to howl. it was over in 15 minutes, but that was long enough to up root hundreds of trees destroy numerous cars smash windows and kill at least one person. the big apple picks up the pieces. >> oh, my god, this is a tornado. >> reporter: as menacing midwest like weather moved over manhattan new yorkers buckled down. >> started sc
Sep 20, 2010 5:30pm EDT
the sun hasn't left us but the rain has. the lack of rape makes the trees react different than when we have normal rain amounts. >> the trees are gonna start shutting down early, they are gonna start browning up early, and you know, the brilliant, the leafs might even fall early. you might not get the brilliance. >> reporter: jack says it might not be too late. >> it may be time left to turn around some of the moisture. >> so if you dent want to drive all the way out to western maryland to see the colors you can plant a tree in your own back yard. the state would like the help with a $25 coupon. don harrison,. >>> if you want more information you can log onto our web site at we'll send you to a link "the >>> and joce is going to be interesting to see how our fall foliage season shapes undertake but we're staying average temperature-wize. today seasonable. take a look. winds have died down some. gusty earlier, gusting 20 to 25, now a steady win the around 6 to 12. not bad. temperatures certainly pretty pleasant out there, talking upper 70s from annapoli
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3